The National Interfaith Committee (JKMPKA) is made up of 8 ‘working committees,’ including the ‘Committee for the Promotion of Harmony and Understanding Among Religious Adherents.’ The two main goals of this Committee are to: (i) address sensitive issues that require urgent attention/intervention, and important current issues; and (ii) conduct research on inter-religious understanding.

Some of the key challenges addressed by the Committee include: conversion (usually into/out of Islam); custody rights of children when one parent converts (to Islam); disputes over burial rights, especially when conversion (usually to Islam) is only discovered after death; sites of places of worship; religious insults; proselytisation (usually to Muslims); and the use of Islamic religious terms.

The Committee reports it has put religious leaders in constant dialogue with one another; they have established strong bonds of respect and friendship with one another; there is a ready communication channel between religious leaders and faith-based organisations with the relevant government agencies; and a mechanism is in place to address sensitive issues.