Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18 is notable for the eight action points it contains in operative paragraph 5, subparagraphs (a) to (h). The eight points commit all member States to take specific measures at the national level in policy, law and practice, to address intolerance and discrimination based on religion or belief and its root causes. The eight action points are intended as complementary measures that should be implemented holistically and comprehensively. They can be explored on this page.


The Istanbul Process is the forum where States and other stakeholders share good practice and experiences in implementing the eight action points of Resolution 16/18. Explore the outcomes of these meetings on this page.

16/18 IMPACT

The Istanbul Process is a forum for exchanging good practices on implementation of the action points contained in Resolution 16/18. The interactive map to be found on this page can be searched by the relevant action point, and navigating the map to find examples of implementation that have been shared at previous Istanbul Process meetings