The Harmony Centre at the An-Nahdhah mosque is a community based project, and one of the key initiatives of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS). The Harmony Centre seeks to promote a better understanding of the teachings of Islam and about Muslims in Singapore; enhance inter-faith dialogue and engagement at all levels ‘community, grassroots, youths and students – through activities such as seminars, workshops, experiential learning journeys; and to strengthen the social bonds between the communities of different faiths so as to build a more cohesive and resilient society. The Harmony Centre has three floors of exhibition space to showcase Islamic art and architecture from around the world, discoveries by Islamic scholars, and insights into the religious practices of Muslims. The Harmony Centre also provides visitors with information on the other major religions and highlights the importance that Islam places on pluralism. The Harmony Centre also serves as an integrated hub for the promotion of greater understanding and engagement of all faith communities.