Malaysia’s Neighbourliness Programmes are designed to promote the spirit of neighbourliness among people from diverse backgrounds, and follows a 3 Es strategy of: Educate, Engage and Empower.

The initiative includes:

  • The creation of over 7,000 neighbourhood committees (‘Rukun Tetangga’). These are social organisations established by the Government under the Rukun Tetangga Act 2012 (Act 751), and have a significant role in ensuring the welfare of the community and in preserving unity at grassroots level;
  • The creation of 19 Unity Squad teams, which play a ‘front line’ role in disaster management at community level;
  • ‘Love your community’ programme (Sayangi Community);
  • Community economy programmes;
  • Community voluntary patrolling schemes, organised by volunteers to ensure safety through regular patrols of neighbourhoods. The number of groups has risen from 1,780 in 2009 to 4,653 in 2015.