The Centre for Studies and Research in Values (CSRV) at the Rabita Mohammedia des Oulémas (Mohammadia League of Scholars) is an institute of religious studies founded in 2006 by King Mohammed VI, established to reflect on, and develop strategies for, the promotion of an open and moderate Islam.

A key focus of the work of the CSVR is to prevent hatred and violent extremism through the promotion of inclusion and education in Moroccan society. The Centre aims to do so via the training of religious scholars and leaders, and the provision of educational materials that promote a moderate and inclusive interpretation of religion. The leaders then take this vision of Islam back to their communities and propagate messages of tolerance and equality. As part of this programme, religious leaders are provided with materials that ‘deconstruct’ radical Islamic discourse, and challenge extremist interpretations of concepts such as ‘jihad.’ The materials provided to community leaders may be books and pamphlets, but can also be ‘theatre exercises, cartoons and comic books, video games and short films.