ARTICLE 19 is an organisation with offices worldwide that works to protect freedom of expression and information for all people without discrimination.

They have produced a video and briefing explaining international human rights standards on freedom of expression and non-discrimination, with a particular focus on the commitments in Human Rights Council resolution 16/18 and recommendations of the Rabat Plan of Action. Addressing intolerance and discrimination online, including the human rights responsibilities of social media platforms, is also a priority for the organisation.

ARTICLE 19 employs its tool kit on ‘hate speech’ through programmatic work at the national level in numerous countries to explain how to address the root causes of discrimination and violence, and the circumstances under which governments can legitimately restrict expression.

Their projects target governmental actors, media, religious and community leaders, and youth, in efforts to implement the 16/18 action-plan. This includes working with independent regulators to address race and religion-based ‘hate speech’ against migrants in media across Europe, to partnering with local civil society in Myanmar to address censorship of minorities and discrimination against Rohingya Muslims.

The organisation has attended numerous meetings of the Istanbul Process to discuss these projects, as well as their initiatives in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Tunisia, and across Former Soviet Union countries. ARTICLE 19 is active in advocating for the UN and governments to take a human rights based approach to addressing intolerance and discrimination in all its forms, and to ensure full and effective participation of civil society in these processes.