As referenced during the opening high-level session, Ms Husna Ahmed was one of the 51 people killed during the Christchurch attacks in March 2019. Her husband, Farid Ahmed, a religious community leader, survived. Afterwards, he spoke movingly about the need to respond to such acts of hatred not with more hate, but with love and compassion. He explained that during the attacks he had felt pity for the perpetrator who, according to Mr Ahmed, ‘must have lived through something that he had not been able to deal with.’ Farid said that the response of communities that have gone through such experiences should not turn inwards, but reach out to others in society and build connections so such acts of hatred and violence are not repeated. Mr Ahmed also commended the rapid and compassionate response of the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. This, he said, had helped strengthen community bonds, and begin the process of healing. It was also important that the Government had been careful not to name the attacker or to repeat his manifesto, as this prevented further acts of incitement and violence.